Water features in the Jardin Doret

competition 2nd prize

A competition to design new water features in Vevey's Jardin Doret provides an opportunity to reflect on this major park, its role in the city and its relationship with Lake Geneva. We are proposing to retain the existing water basin but to add a play area that takes the form of a lunar or sub-lacustrine topography, riddled with craters from which sporadic playful geysers emerge with varied and surprising effects. The water is filtered by a planted pool that borders the paddling pool, protecting it from the traffic along the Quai Ansermet. The park as a whole is treated mainly on its fringes, whose qualities are enhanced and clarified so that they fulfil their function as a threshold between the city and the central lawn dotted with majestic trees. Among these fringes, the banks are being deconstructed as part of a renaturation process offering new environments in which to enjoy the lake in a different way. The mouth of the Veveyse has been opened to allow the (re)formation of a mineral delta, whose deposits form a beach contained by a constellation of terraces. To the north of this beach, the existing riprap will be repositioned to form a submerged dyke, behind which a reed bed can be created. These interventions, planned on a phased basis, are intended to be the starting point for a transition to a shoreline rich in varied atmospheres and biodiversity for the whole of the Vevey area.

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