Grand Hôtel du Cervin

Val d'Anniviers

The Grand Hotel du Cervin was inaugurated in 1893 and stems from the period of the discovery of the Alps as a tourist destination. International guests stayed for several weeks, preferably during the summer, enjoying the view of the mountains, observing the weather and the changing light. At the time the contemplation of the view offered a superior attraction than sports.

Architect Elie Guinand from Lausanne provided a variety of spaces for common use and a large terrace as a belvedere in front of the hotel, which overlooks the village of St-Luc and the Val d'Anniviers. The new owners have chosen to safeguard this heritage, which is listed in category 2 (monument of cantonal importance) in the architectural census of the Canton of Valais and to turn it once again into an attractive tourist destination.

Grand Hôtel
St-Luc, VS
2015 - 2021
Commande d'avant projet, projet retenu