Maisons Duc

Arc-Award, Le prix suisse d'architecture, 2018 ; Hochparterre „Die Besten 2018“, mention, 2018

The three houses, called “Maisons Duc”, are protected by national heritage, as their façades belong to the listed ensemble of the “Grand-Rue”, a main street of medieval origin. The rear part of the houses was of no historic importance and structurally not sound. The project consists of partial demolition, new construction and renovation. It connects the houses to host an art gallery on the ground floor, artist studios on the first floor and three apartments on the upper floors. The project develops the spatial principle found in situ: an enfilade similarly sized of rooms. This common denominator allows the coexistence of the old and the new. Better, it aims to form a coherent whole, rich in different historical strata. The evolution of this spatial organism today incorporates some changes: some rooms unfold themselves vertically to double height, bringing sunlight into the core of the building or linking different programmes on different levels. Others find their original proportions by removing formerly added partitions.

Art gallery, studios, housing
Saint-Maurice, VS
Competition 1st prize 2013, construction 2016-2018
Municipality of Saint-Maurice
Eik Frenzel, Séverine Rouiller, Robert Świerczyński, GayMenzel
  • Distinction Romande d’Architecture 5, 2023
  • Arc-Award, Le prix suisse d'architecture, 2018
  • Hochparterre „Die Besten 2018“, mention, 2018
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