• Garderie du Servan, Lausanne

    GayMenzel lauréat du mandat d’études parallèles

    Nous sommes enchantés de pouvoir réaliser la transformation de cette crèche occupant un bâtiment des années 1950.

  • Passerelle du Rosel

    Installation of the footbridge conceived of in UHPC with a span of fifty metres.

  • Lecture for Casabella

    An online lecture organised by the architecture magazine Casabella. Thank you to Francesca Chiorino and Roberto Bosi for their invitation. Watch the video of the lecture here.

  • Lecture at the FHNW

    Catherine Gay presents the Grand Hotel du Cervin project at the University of Applied Sciences Muttenz in a video conference.

  • Martigny Highlands

    Studio Gay Menzel, degré Master MA2, EPFL

    The villages of Salvan, Ravoire and Chemin Dessus and their relationship to the city of Martigny form the backdrop of the summer semester. Contextual imaginary, proximity to the forest and timber construction will be central themes.

  • Delta Blues

    Götz Menzel's current studio at the HEIA Fribourg starts as part of the Joint Master of Architecture

    The object of our investigation will be the territory of the eastern shoreline of Lake Geneva and its immediate hinterland. Formerly a large swampland and home to the Rhone Delta, the territory is now constituted of multiple conditions juxtaposed in an apparently haphazard way: historic townships and shopping centers, the estuaries of rivers and canals and a highway, single familyhousing and industrial zones, agricultural production and the extraction of resources in the formof quarries and gas, amusement parks and a natural reserve.

    As any landscape, the site is dynamic, changing, partly mutilated, partly protected, presenting different habitats for humans, animals and plants. As a constant, the lingering presence of the high water table in this former swamp land is ubiquitous. The studio’s title “Delta Blues” testifies of the speculative attitude we have towards the site of our investigation. By referring to the geographic location of the Mississippi Delta it opens a first contextual imaginary stemming both from a foreign territory and the local site itself. The title is a promise and an anticipation of projects that shall reinforce or confer a new sense derived from landscape.

  • Round table at the SAM

    Accompanying its exhibition on the work of Paris-based Japanese architect Tsuyoshi Tane, the Schweizerisches Architektur Museum, SAM, is organising a discussion on the notion of context. With Tsuyoshi Tane, Emmanuel Christ and Catherine Gay. Moderated by Andreas Ruby. Watch the video of the event here.

  • Xstream Park

    The job site for a leisure hall starts in the commercial strip of Collombey

  • Casabella Continuità

    The magazine publishes the work of GayMenzel in their issue 916 dedicated to contemporary Swiss architecture, as well as that of Bakker & Blanc, Boltshauser Architekten, Caruso St-John with Bosshard Vaquer, Graber Pulver with Masswerk Architekten, Käferstein & Meister, LVPH, Mathis + Kamplade and Ted’A with Rapin Saiz

  • Grotte aux Fées

    Study for the restoration and transformation of the entrance building to the Grotte aux Fées. Perched above the Château de St-Maurice on a steep wooded slope, this 19th century building leads to a subterranean world in the heart of the mountain.

  • Nouveau quartier au centre de St-Germain, Savièse

    Progress on the construction site of the underground car park

  • Rosel footbridge

    Construction of molds

    The structure with a span of fifty metres, conceived of in ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced concrete (UHPC), will cross the former gravel pits between Martigny and Vernayaz. The convex section evolves at the extremities by widening, in a dynamic movement. In collaboration with Sollertia structural engineers.

  • Urban Legends, Martigny

    Catherine Gay Menzel is Visiting Professor at EPFL

    The approach of the Gay Menzel master studio seeks a narrative, derived from a contextual imaginary, confronting the site’s history and the aspirations of the narrator.

    Double exposure image by Noémie Zurbriggen and Antoine Iweins D'Eeckhoutte

  • Job site completion of the Grange aux Fontaines

    photographie par Philomène Hoël