• Begnins

    Competition 1st prize

    Designing a street, a square and a building makes it possible to go beyond the design of an isolated object. It is an opportunity to define a social, architectural and vegetal frame for life - to conceive a true environment.

  • Visit of the ferry landing Le Bouveret

    Join us at Le Bouveret as part of the walk N°2, entitled "St-Gingolph la frontière", organized by LAC 20.21. From the CGN fleet to the chestnut grove with words and music.

    More info

  • Lecture for Hanyang University, Seoul

    Prof. Sung-Taeg Nam invites Götz Menzel for an online lecture. 7 pm Korea Standard Time, 12 pm Central European Time

  • Cultural Encouragement Prize 2020

    The Department of Culture of the Canton of Valais awarded one of the 2020 encouragement prizes to Catherine Gay and Götz Menzel for the work of the office. We are particularly pleased that architecture is acknowledged as a culutral act - a recognition of our profession. The whole GayMenzel office is thus rewarded for its work and its continuous investment. More information

    Photography by Romain Legros

  • Job site completion at the Villa Vicarini

    photographie par Philomène Hoël
  • Construction completed of the ferry landing Le Bouveret

    After seven months of construction, the landing stage awaits its travellers. Thank you to the Transport Department of the Canton of Valais.

  • Lecture at the EPFL

    Guest professors Ramun Capaul and Gordian Blumenthal invite Catherine Gay to hold a lecture on our project for the Grand Hotel du Cervin as part of their studio "Alp hotel" at the EPFL. Due to the health crisis of the Covid -19, this is the first GayMenzel lecture recording made available to students.

  • Atelier Cottbus

    Götz Menzel's current master program studio at the HEIA in Fribourg

    The Atelier Cottbus is the third studio in a series devoted to the "Hinterland", which no longer exists. Until recently, the "Hinterland" occupied an important place in the dichotomy between the city and the territory, providing the former with resources. Structural change and globalisation have often rendered this close local link obsolete. The city of Cottbus in East Germany, the former "energy capital" of the former GDR, is today a shrinking city. The unpopular prefabricated housing estates on the outskirts of Cottbus are experiencing increasing vacancies. They are gradually being demolished, while urban wasteland is scattered throughout the city centre. The studio will take up Cottbus's development guideline of the "green city of parks" and test the potential of an inner-city landscape to convey a new urban quality: build less and plant more.

  • The circle

    The magazine Archithese publishes a small contribution by GayMenzel about the circle in its December issue dedicated to this seductive geometrical figure. More information

    Drawing: «Hut and kitchen of Mousgoum woman, Cameroun», Giovanella Formica & Beppe Caturegli, Footprints - Ichnographia, Milano, 2017

  • Architekturquartett in Winterthur

    ZHAW, Tössfeldstrasse 11, Winterthur at 6pm

    Tibor Joanelly invites Götz Menzel to his round table for an evening of architectural criticism with Lucia Gratz and Stefan Kurath

  • Lecture at the EPFL

    12.15pm, space AAC 231, SG building

    Catherine Gay Menzel will be speaking as part of the series "un dîner avec."

  • Grange aux Fontaines

    The job site in Antagnes takes shape

    photographie par GayMenzel
  • DETAIL Kongress in Stuttgart

    «Perspektive Land: Prognosen, Planungen, Projekte»

    The 2019 congress of the architectural journal Detail is dedicated to the so-called countryside - its urban development, the danger of rural suburbanisation and the need to defend a culture of the built environment in order to strengthen and preserve its intrinsic qualities.

    Götz Menzel reports from the small town of St-Maurice, which, thanks to favourable circumstances, has been enjoying a museum night for more than a year now. Since the opening of the Oblique Gallery in the Maisons Duc in 2018, a joint event has brought together different venues to shape a new cultural identity, including the ContreContre space and those of the Castle and Abbey of St-Maurice. This new dynamic of the city is a phenomenon resulting both from the will of the Municipality and from individual initiatives. More information

    Haus der Wirtschaft, Willi-Bleicher-Strasse 19, Stuttgart
    From 10.00 am

  • Ferry landing Le Bouveret

    Start of construction

  • Open House Night Zürich

    Zentrum für Architektur Zürich, Höschgasse 3, 8008 Zurich, at 7pm

    The Housing Cooperative Zurich celebrates its 100th anniversary. On this occasion a variety of projects can be experienced in person from September 28th to 29th. As a kick-off to these visits, Open House Zurich and Andreas Ruby, director of the Swiss Architecture Museum, invited the following offices to talk about contemporary housing schemes: Arrhov Frick Arkitektkontor, Stockholm, Dreier Frenzel Architecture, Lausanne, GayMenzel, Monthey, Urbz, Mumbai/Geneva, LACOL Arquitectura Cooperativa, Barcelona, Heide & von Beckerath, Berlin, BHSF, Zurich, Atelier Kempe Thill, Rotterdam, Éo toutes architectures, Bordeaux, Kosmos, Moscow/Basel.

    Götz Menzel will make call for mixity in Switzerland's zoning plans by taking Seoul’s Seunsangga Complex as a case study. More info on the event here.

    Photography by GayMenzel