• Ouverture du laboratoire von Roten à Fully, VS

    photographie par Eik Frenzel
  • The pines have been planted at the place du Pas

  • Grands Glariers 2: Apartment and office building in Monthey, VS

    Projet for a seven storey building using the staircase of the neighbouring building

  • Maisons Duc, St-Maurice, VS

    Transformation of three buildings of the 18th century into a gallery spaces, artists studios and apartments Invited competition, 1st prize

  • Le cycle d'orientation du Haut-Lac à Vouvry ouvre ses portes aux élèves

    photographie par Radek Brunecky
  • Reopening of the Perraires swimming pool at Collombey-Muraz

    renovation of a school swimming pool

  • Project for a bridge across the river Vièze

  • School in Salvan, VS

    Competition, 2nd prize

  • Prix d’architecture et d’ingénierie parasismique

    Notre bureau reçoit le prix suisse d’architecture et d’ingénierie parasismique 2012 pour le projet au Collège de l'Europe

  • Inauguration of the Place du Centenaire, Vernayaz, VS

  • Village core of Colllombey, VS

    urban planning competition on invitation, 2nd prize

  • Place du Centenaire, Vernayaz, VS

    invited competition, 1st prize

  • Project for the structural reinforcement of a school in Monthey

    Our office is appointed to develop an earthqauke proof reinforcement of a school complex in collaboration with the structural engineers Kurmann & Cretton SA

  • Competition for the theatre l'Oriental in Vevey

    projet non retenu